Queer Humboldt
June 20th Don't Miss
Nova's  Adventure in Wonderland
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"The Second Tuesday
Queer Dinner"
6pm - 7:30pm at Rita's Cafe
1111 5th St. Eureka, California

We meet the Second Tuesday
of each month, in the Banquet
Room. These dinners are a
great place to "create
community" and a relaxing
place to greet old friends and
to make new ones. the
banquet room is past the
cashier counter.

Everyone and all ages are
welcome to attend.

Saturday March 14th - DRAG WARS TRILOGY​ - The Disco Drag Audition

Friday April 10th - DRAG WARS TRILOGY- Drag me into the 90's Audition  

Friday May 8th - DRAG WARS TRILOGY - The Final War - Theme TBA

June 20th - Nova's Adventure in Wonderland

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August TBA

September TBA

October TBA
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